[Mono-list] pointer to glib 2.0 for win32 please

Stewart Allen mono@neuron.com
Sun, 16 Jun 2002 21:23:25 -0400

"Uncle". I'm setting up a Windows C# dev environment so I can hack on core
libraries. Let's hope this pain ends soon.

Web site says:

*In order to make mcs and the class libraries you will need a computer
running Windows with the GNU make tools from the Cygwin environment,
Microsoft's .NET Framework SDK, GLIB 2.0 and pkg-config.*

OK, got everything except GLIB 2.0. The gtk.org offers a link to binaries
that explicitly do not work with cygwin. I haven't been able to coax it into
compiling under cygwin.

Can someone send out the URL for appropriate precompiled binaries of GLIB
2.0 for Windows? Perhaps I trust Google too much, but I haven't located them.