[Mono-list] Specifying assemblies on mcs command line

Miguel de Icaza miguel@ximian.com
14 Jun 2002 20:55:24 -0400

> -r takes either an assembly name or a filename. If given an assembly
> name, the runtime tries to load the assembly from the runtime-specific
> search paths (default path + MONO_PATH with the mono runtime, dunno what
> the ms runtime uses). If given a filename, mcs tries to load the
> assembly in the current directory and in the directories specified with
> the -L option.
> How does that sound?

This sounds great.   Although how do you tell the difference between a
file and an assembly?

I want to move to that model as well (and also make the command line
handling be the same as the CSC one, to avoid having to maintain two
sets of targets/makefiles;  And no, I do not like the wrapper idea)