[Mono-list] About System.Configuration.ConfigurationSettings.GetConfig() method

Girish Bharadwaj girishb@gbvsoft.com
Fri, 14 Jun 2002 02:54:32 +0000


According to LAMEDOC comment in this function, getting the name of the
exe seems to be problematic.  From what I tested, you can probably use
Environment.GetCommandLineArgs() to determine the executable's name. I
did try with a simple dll + exe combination to get the command line
args and it seemed to work. I think it would work in code as well.

I can make the changes but since its my first entry into this I am not
sure how to go about doing it. If someone else wants to make the mods,
they can do that as well.

Thank you,
Girish Bharadwaj

BTW: there is a bug in linking with references to a library. I dont
know if it has been entered yet. I will search and enter if not found.