[Mono-list] couple questions on mcs and parsing

Miguel de Icaza miguel@ximian.com
13 Jun 2002 13:52:17 -0400

> - how can i build mcs in VS? It says it can't find cs-parser.cs

You are much better off using the standard makefiles, just follow the
process in the web pages.

> - how could I get a reference to the generated AST by the parser? looking at
> the parse method in the driver, the CSharpParser just gets thrown away.

Declarations are "entered" into the global space, which is later
processed.  If you want to do an interpreter, you will need to modify
this process, and probably only process statements. 

> - would it be possible to add visitor hooks into the AST generated by the
> parser?

What do you want to do?  There are simpler ways of doing this without

> - Is it possible to just extract the files necessary for the parser?

Sure.  As long as you keep the code under the GPL.