[Mono-list] compile error in cvs (undefined reference to `mono_config_parse')

Stewart Allen stewart@neuron.com
Wed, 12 Jun 2002 06:12:52 -0400

yes, I'm using anon cvs. it must be lagging quite a bit. will it be able 
to build itself completely under linux any time soon?


Paolo Molaro wrote:
> On 06/12/02 Stewart Allen wrote:
>>ok, fixed this with the attached patch. now mono compiles. however, all 
> The change is already in cvs. Are you using anon cvs? There was a report
> that anon cvs is lagged by a few days.
>>the dll's produced are 0 sized. looking at the scripts, it looks like 
>>this might be due to the absence of a 'dlltool' in the standard 
>>distribution of binutils on linux.
> You need to install the dlls and mcs.exe either from the released
> tarball, or from a binary snapshot (the .deb or rpm packages).
> Once you have the precompiled dlls and mcs.exe, you should be able to
> recompile mcs and some other dlls on linux (but not corlib.dll yet).
> Note though, that you'll need to use special targets in the makefiles,
> since the default is still to run the build with csc.
> lupus