[Mono-list] compile error in cvs (undefined reference to `mono_config_parse')

Piers Haken piersh@friskit.com
Wed, 12 Jun 2002 03:49:46 -0700

I was thinking about setting up a machine to do an hourly 'cvs update &&
build' that would report errors to the list (with some smarts to avoid
accidental errors during checkins, ie. if(error)

It's more of an abstract idea than a plan, but I was wondering if there
would be any interest in such a system.



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On 06/12/02 Stewart Allen wrote:
> ok, fixed this with the attached patch. now mono compiles. however, 
> all

The change is already in cvs. Are you using anon cvs? There was a report
that anon cvs is lagged by a few days.

> the dll's produced are 0 sized. looking at the scripts, it looks like
> this might be due to the absence of a 'dlltool' in the standard 
> distribution of binutils on linux.

You need to install the dlls and mcs.exe either from the released
tarball, or from a binary snapshot (the .deb or rpm packages). Once you
have the precompiled dlls and mcs.exe, you should be able to recompile
mcs and some other dlls on linux (but not corlib.dll yet). Note though,
that you'll need to use special targets in the makefiles, since the
default is still to run the build with csc.


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