[Mono-list] I am Back

Gaurav Vaish gvaish_mono@lycos.com
Tue, 11 Jun 2002 20:21:30 +0530


 An out of topic mail - to let you all know that I am  finally back on the list.

 It looks like a lot of (a lot more than that) work has been done - and I am especially concerned about System.Web.

 To let you all know - today I did some more work on the Mail API (http://samachar.sf.net/csMailAPI.xml) that I have been busy designing - CSMail on the lines of JavaMail, but have not been able to do any uploading business since I am out of internet at my home.

 Since I am now shifting out from college to job, it will take some time before I get on to something in the cvs.

 Hey Ajay, did you some work on your monomail thing - or have completely left it for me? ;-)

 I will also start putting some code to it - within about a week or so. Damn man.. these holidays have made me so lazy... :))

 See you all!


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