[Mono-list] Adding missing Attributes to System.Web

Moritz Balz verteiler@mbalz.de
Tue, 11 Jun 2002 09:57:45 +0200

i tried to compile this file but it did'nt work.
error: the types DefaultEventAttribute and DefaultPropertyAttribute 
(from System.ComponentModel) could'nt be found.
do i need any libraries beside those that come with mono 0.12?
or have i anyhow completely missed the point? :)


Duncan Mak wrote:

>Hey guys,
>We're missing a bunch of Attributes in the classes for the System.Web
>namespace. I played around with the reflection API (always fun!) and
>came up with a tool that'll show what Attributes are missing in each
>If anyone's interested, you can use this tool to add the missing bits to
>the classes. This is a great way to start contributing to the project.
>Any help is really appreciated.
>If you look into the ToString() method in the AttributeCollection class
>in the file, you'll see that there's a 'filter' for finding out what
>type of Attribute it is. All you need to do is add new filters, then
>find out from the documentation what useful information can obtained
>from each particular Attribute.
>Gonzalo said that, when adding these Attributes, please start with
>System.Web.UI.HtmlControls, then WebControls, then Validators.
>If there is any other questions, please mail me.