[Mono-list] Mono Web Server

Alex James aljames@adelphia.net
Sun, 9 Jun 2002 20:55:28 -0400


I have a web server anyone can play around with (right now only www
service).  It's in it's alpha stage (no ftp, smtp, or gui) right now, but it
works nicely on the MS .net framework.

It uses XSP, is multithreaded, and uses async sockets.  When I tried to
compile it on mono, these things failed: HttpBrowserCapabilities, Page,
Bitmap, RectangleF.  So anyone wants to do that, it would be great!  The
classes that they are in are System.Drawing.Imaging, System.Web.UI, and

The webserver is at http://home.adelphia.net/~aljames/webserver.htm, so if
anyone wants to try it out [it works :-) ] and suggest anything, have fun!