[Mono-list] STL in .net

Rafael Moncayo moncayorafa@netscape.net
Wed, 05 Jun 2002 23:44:18 -0500

Every comment about my english is welcome.

Yes, I know... its dificult to leave the past, but I feel .Net does'nt 
have a good Iterator interface where you can go foward and backward in a 
collection. Worst, your enumerator become invalid when you add or remove 
items from a collection.

This problem arise to me when I try to work width graphs where you need 
a lot of control of your data structures.

So is there any work about STL (or similar) in c#?
How do mono people work with data structures?

I have make a set of classes and interfaces to simulate a std::list. So 
look at this code:

using System;
using STD;

class MainClass
     public static void Main(string[] args)
         List l = new List();

         // IEnumerator flavor
         foreach (Object o in l)
             Console.WriteLine("\t{0}", o);

         // STL flavor
         for (Iterator i = l.Begin(); MoveNext(); )

         // STL flavor in reverse order
         for (Iterator i = l.RBegin(); i.MoveNext(); )

I don't believe i'm the only one with this problem. I have to work more 
in making a set of interfaces similar to STL? or learn more about 
standard .net classes an forgive everything about c++ and stl?