mono and .NET Compact Framework (was: Re: [Mono-list] CLI and devices)

Sergey Chaban
Wed, 5 Jun 2002 20:12:08 +0300

> How about for PalmOS? I have an 8mb Visor. Think it could be squeezed in?

I think that PalmOS (pre version 5) has limitation on the amount
of memory that is directly-addressable (that is real RAM). Most
of the memory used as a RAM disk and accessed using DB API.
Also there is no native threading support in PalmOS (pre 5 again),
so threading has to be implemented by the runtime itself.
But in general I think it should be possible to implement (a subset of)
.NET for PalmOS devices (something along the lines of KVM).
Certainly possible for the upcoming Palm devices that have 32-bit CPU,
threading and other nice stuff.