[Mono-list] Mono fitness for ircd project

Remco Rijnders remco@webconquest.com
Tue, 4 Jun 2002 05:12:34 +0200

On Monday 03 June 2002 23:20, Miguel de Icaza wrote:
> > One of my interests is IRC and as such I'm looking into developing an
> > IRC daemon. I figure that I need for this could objects to open and
> > use sockets, a way of efficiently using regular expressions and
> > string functions as well as get somewhat decent performance out of
> > it. Now my question is, does Mono (currently) have the tools needed
> > for such a project? Would you recommend the use of C# for such a
> > project? If not, why not?
> Mono has what you need now.  I am biased, but I should say you should
> give it a shot, and tell us what kind of problems you run into: the
> more real applications out there, the better to test and exercise the
> runtime.


I think I'll be going to give it a shot then :)

Thank you, and everyone else, for the comments and feedback so far. As 
I'm not the worlds fastest coder, it will take me some time to get 
anything running. By then I expect Mono to have made further strides 
forward as well so any current concerns about performance will hopefully 
lessened by then as well :)

Kind regards,


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