[Mono-list] Mono fitness for ircd project

Marsh, Drew dmarsh@mimeo.com
Mon, 3 Jun 2002 17:53:53 -0400

Matt Liotta [mailto:mliotta@r337.com] wrote:

> As someone pointed out to me in a off-list message; it is 
> really hard to say how well it will scale until you try it. 

Woops, that was me. Sorry for emailing you direct Matt, I didn't intend the
message to be private, I'm just so used to other mailing lists in which the
reply-to it the list's address.

For archive purposes, here's the message I sent:

> Not sure what kind of traffic your ircd needs to support, but
> C# likely won't keep up with anything high volume. I tried at 
> one point to write an irc services daemon using Java and it 
> didn't work out very well.

It's a pretty big assumption that the performance of a program written in
Java would be equal to the same program written for the CLR. Sure they're
both GCd enviroments with a root base class, but that's about the end of the
similarities. You just *never* know till you do some performance testing.
The fact that value types are allocated on the stack in the CLR could alone
make a drastic difference in performance in such an application. 

You also can't just expect to try and compile with J++.NET or find some Java
-> C# source translator and expect that to reflect performance fairly
because you obviously wouldn't be taking advantage of the CLR properly in
that case.