[Mono-list] ASP.Net

John John jknipper@capway.com
Mon, 3 Jun 2002 11:10:28 +0200

Is there no longer a way to browse the cvs ? I cannot find the link.
I wanted to check how you added support for the nested tags in the asp page
because from the description published on the mono site:

"Gonzalo moved XSP along this week: Added support for templates, columns
inside DataGrid, HTML comments, code render and data binding tags, style
properties in style tags, ListItem inside list controls, float and double

I guess that you are handling nested tags with your own routines provide by
xsp... Tell me if I'm
wrong but I think that asp.net should only handle the main tag and hand the
nested tags to the
control that is providing the way to serialize and deserialize itself into
nested tags...
For that a control is using attributes to describe how it should be
Last time I looked into the controls source code, I did not see any design
time attributes.
Is this still the case ?


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> * [ Michael Scott <m.scott@lagarde.com>
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> > To Gaurav, Leen or Patrik,
> >
> > I am interested in helping in the effort to build ASP.Net
> classes for mono.
> > If someone would email me with the information.
> Hi Michael!
> In CVS module xsp you will find xsp (a aspx -> C# code
> generator) and a
> little web server (by now we don't need much more) that takes an aspx
> page, generates the C# code for it, compile and render HTML.
> Check it out. It currently uses MS runtime to render the html, but i'm
> adding command line options to use System.Web and System.Drawing from
> mono. Once this options are added, you can use it to debug
> mono ASP.NET classes
> and/or provide missing functionality.
> - Gonzalo
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