[Mono-list] Bug in NUnit when initialising decimal

Duncan Mak duncan@ximian.com
02 Jun 2002 12:10:06 -0400

On Sun, 2002-06-02 at 10:38, Nick Drochak wrote:
> After our chat on IRC I fixed a few of the bugs found by the
> ConvertTest, and added a bunch of try-catch blocks to find the failing
> Asserts.  I get 6 failures now, and probably won't get to work on this
> for a couple of days.  Feel free to fix the rest of them, we won't
> collide :)

Okay, I think we're down to 3 failures and 2 errors now.

    <duncan@diphthong: ~/Mono/install/bin/ > mono
    ./NUnitConsole_mono.exe MonoTests.
    Time: 0.682
    There were 2 errors:
    1) TestToDouble(MonoTests.System.ConvertTest): This conversion is
    not supported.
ToDouble (boolean) isn't supported, maybe this test should be removed?

    2) TestToDateTime(MonoTests.System.ConvertTest): Invalid
I think this test might be failing because of bugs in CultureInfo. I'm
punting this for now.

    There were 3 failures:
    1) TestToInt64(MonoTests.System.ConvertTest) "#L25
    expected:<System.OverflowException> but

I tried to fix this one, I have a test case for it, but I dunno why
we're not throwing the right exceptions. Will look into this later.
    2) TestGetTypeCode(MonoTests.System.ConvertTest) "#B08
    expected:<Object> but was:<Empty>"
This is a runtime bug, see bug# 25658:

    3) TestChangeType(MonoTests.System.ConvertTest) "Unexpected
    exception at iTest = 5: e = System.ArgumentException
    Value is not a convertible object: System.Decimal to System.Boolean.
This is the same thing as error #1.