[Mono-list] New improved Emacs C# mode

Martin Baulig martin@gnome.org
02 Jun 2002 17:24:27 +0200

Dennis Haney <davh@davh.dk> writes:

> I have a thing for code who alters every file in the system to get
> what they want especially if its completly unnecessary... So I ripped
> out all of Brad Merrill's csharp code and put it in a file for
> itself.
> Please try it out and see if there is any regressions. (I altered the
> indention for namespaces a little)
> This also has the distinct benefit that cc-mode is again the one you
> have installed, instead of the one Brad Merrill supplied you with.
> This script is also available on http://davh.dk/script/
> Diff below to add link to the documentation, this also renames Merryl
> to Merrill, I expect he can spell his name better himself so Merrill
> is better...


haven't looked at this yet, but this sounds great :-)

I think we should ask Brad Merrill to include your changes in his
versions or at least make your version the default one (ie change the
link on the website to point to your version).

It'd be really great to have a stand-alone version of C# mode which you
can install just like any Emacs package and which doesn't change the
existing cc-mode.

Martin Baulig