[Mono-list] Combining Virtuoso and Mono

Miguel de Icaza miguel@ximian.com
31 Jul 2002 18:03:44 -0400

> We know that such a thing is not immediate on your roadmap and thus would
> be interested in considering donating results of our unmanaged interface
> related development work to the Mono project if we could get some technical
> support for our developers for getting started in this direction.

There is already an unmanaged interface for this in Mono.  Another idea
you might want to consider: write a set of wrappers that mimic the
Microsoft interface for hosting, so people can just drop in their code
into Mono.

> - How do we register an instance handle in unmanaged memory for GC?

We currently use the conservative Boehm GC, so there is no need to
register unmanaged handles.

> - How do we call a method of an instance given the name and signature?

We do not have a function yet to do this, but it is relatively simple to

> - How do we pass C scalars and arrays to and from managed code?

You can use P/Invoke and have things sorted out for you, or you can use
the internalcall convention, and use the mono API to do so.

We have not yet documented the internal API for embedding, but we
should.  Maybe you would like to volunteer some time/docs to this