[Mono-list] Cross platform development: VB.NET or C#

William Wise will@digitalelite.com
Wed, 31 Jul 2002 10:55:23 -0400

Hi Guys,

I'm developing an application on the Windows .NET platform and want to do as
much as possible up front to insure that it will run on Mono once it becomes
a more mature platform for ado.net and WinForms development.

My question for the list is:  What can I do to insure that the migration
will be as smooth as possible?  Should I use VB.NET or C# as the development
language?  Any other factors that I should consider or libraries I should
avoid using?

Thanks for the great work!  I can't wait to have a nice clean API to develop
against for both platforms.  Java is nice but I agree that the Mono approach
has distinct advantages.