[Mono-list] existing managed C++-libraries for Mono and whats with csgl?

Miguel de Icaza miguel@ximian.com
30 Jul 2002 01:59:19 -0400


> Managed C++ libraries aren't very portable at all. The compiler
> generates x86 code for some parts. :-/ Further, I'd guess any sort of
> OpenGL implementation uses P/Invoke. :-( To get such a thing to work one
> would have to make platform-specific libraries. Although, in my opinion,
> this would probably be the best thing to do anyway. Perhaps suggest to
> the author having the main library check the platform and then load a
> platform-specific DLL which communicates with the main library through
> interfaces. This could all be done in a static constructor. But the
> library is probably not implemented in such a way.

I have not looked at CSGL recently, but Mark had been looking at doing a
full binding using C#.  Mark mentioned that he wanted to bind not only
the regular OpenGL stuff, but also the higher level libraries.

The DLLs are probably not a problem, because we have a remapping
mechanism in Mono.