[Mono-list] help with xsp

Miguel de Icaza miguel@ximian.com
29 Jul 2002 11:51:56 -0400


>      1. Do I need install cygwin to work on ASP.NET in mono or Linux
>         is enough since it is self host right now.

Linux is enough.

>      1. Any place I can help?  (Under System.Web namespace)

There are plenty of places, but I will let Gonzalo answer this
question.   For now, you could start by looking at the class status for
System.Web and contributing either code, or tests for the functionality
that is already in place. 

>      1. Any plan to make ASP.NET in mono works with Apache in linux?
>         (My major interest)

Yes, we have plans to do so, but we need to wait for Patrik's patches to
HttpRuntime (I got an email from Patrik last night where he told me
about his recent progress, he will try to check in his changes to the
whole new HttpRuntime pipeline soon).

Once that is there, writing a mod_mono should be trivial (look at
mono/samples/embed for a sample embedded application).

best wishes,