[Mono-list] existing managed C++-libraries for Mono and whats with csgl?

Freddy BL freddy_bl@hotmail.com
Mon, 29 Jul 2002 15:41:40 +0000


I have some questions.

After the rewriting of the C#-compiler, there are people who rewrites the 
second one of the Microsoft-Compilers: The VB.NET with Libraries.

But what is with the third MS.NET-Language? The managed C++ compiler?
Are there people who rewrites it? Or its special classes (if it have some, 
like VB.NET) ?

The problem is, that since version 1.2.1 of csgl (http://csgl.sf.net) it is 
written in managed C++. And so, it can only be compiled on Linux, if there 
existing an managed-C++-compiler for Mono.

And so, I come to my next question: Why can't csgl run on Mono?

And if Lloyd Dupont read this too, I come to my last question, which is 
directet to him:
At the moment csgl is licensed under the new-BSD-license.
But it is not possible to change the new-BSD-license to LGPL like the 
X11-license. So, is it possible that you put csgl under the X11-license OR 
(as dual-license) under the new-BSD-license _AND_ the LGPL ?

Freddy BL

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