[Mono-list] Declarative security issues

Paolo Molaro lupus@ximian.com
Mon, 29 Jul 2002 11:27:31 +0200

On 07/28/02 Hinne Hettema wrote: 
> I've 'discovered' that mcs seems to compile the declarative security options
> into custom attributes. I'm wondering if this is intended behaviour or a
> bug? I have a 'linux only' setup and cannot compile this under Windows with
> csc, the idea would be to do this and see where the declsecurity structures
> end up in the metadata (to smoke out possible bugs in the cs code itself.).
> Can someone enlighten me here? Thanks,

There are two parts in solving this issue:
1) support in mcs
2) support in Reflection

mcs needs to recognize the special attributes, build the PermissionSet
and call the AddDeclarativeSecurity method on the
Reflection needs to serialize the permission set and add the row to the
metadata table.

> PS: I 'discovered' this while attempting to extend monodis (dump.c) to show
> the declarative security, and my test code showed the tables up

BTW, support for dumping the declsecurity table in monodis is already in cvs.


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