[Mono-list] Announce: A .NET assembly -> native codegeneration tool (ala ngen for MONO)

Dietmar Maurer dietmar@ximian.com
29 Jul 2002 11:08:32 +0200

On Mon, 2002-07-29 at 10:06, Zoltan.2.Varga@nokia.com wrote: 
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> > btw, why are exception methods not supported? 
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> It is very hard (impossible?) to implement try-catch-finally in C. The generated code would need to contain the address
> ranges of the exception handler, which is hard to obtain, since labels are local to C functions. Also, the optimizer would
> need to be notified that the runtime could jump into a middle of a C function anytime.  Instead of this mess, I'm thinking about targeting C++ instead of C, and use the exception handling tables generated by g++.
That way you generate a dependency on gcc, and we want to avoid that. 

- Dietmar