Asked and answered. Was: Re: [Mono-list] Legal status of Mono

Adam Treat
Mon, 29 Jul 2002 01:13:45 -0400

On Monday 29 July 2002 12:22 am, Sam Kennedy wrote:
> Mono doesn't use Microsoft technologies specifically. Instead, it's an
> implementation of the standards submitted to the EMCA. I've never seen
> anything on any spec having to do with .NET that says, "You are prohibited
> from implementing these standards."

This is not entirely true. Mono is concerned with obtaining a true ECMA CLR 
environment, but it is also concerned with emulating *other* MS technologies.  

Regardless, these questions of legality and future MS patent threats have been 
hashed to death.  Suffice it to say that these questions have been asked and 
answered.  Anyone wishing to pursue this further should consult the archives 
or ponder on another mailing list.