[Mono-list] Mono 0.13 has been released.

Miguel de Icaza miguel@ximian.com
26 Jul 2002 18:19:14 -0400


    I have now released Mono version 0.13.  

* Administrivia

    As usual there are two packages:

		Runtime engine source code.
		Binaries for the compiler and class libraries.

		Source code for the compiler and the class libraries.

		Instructions for recompiling the compiler and the
	 	class libraries is included in mcs-0.13/INSTALL,
		thanks to Alp for authoring this doc.

   Each one comes with its own regression tests.  Instructions to
compile are available on the web site.  I can not currently update the
web site, so I wont be able to update the instructions until I am back
in Boston on Tuesday.

* News

	* Self hosting news:

	  There are many changes since the last version, the major one
	  is that Mono can now compile its class libraries and we have
	  been able to move our development to Linux (indeed, this
	  release was done entirely in Linux without using Windows).

	  The binaries included for the compiler and the class
	  libraries are now compiled entirely by Mono.

	* New assembly: System.Web.Services

	  Tim has started work on implementing the System.Web.Services
	  assembly which is used by the ASP.NET Web Services support.

	* New marshaling engine

	  Mono now uses a platform independent marshal code generation
	  facility that simplifies the JIT porting process, and also
	  has significantly improved the complexity of generating code
	  that we had to generate dynamically. 

	  Dietmar has been working to make our Marshaling rock solid.

	* Fixes to System.Xml by Jason Diamond, Ajay Dwivedi, Piers
	  Haken, Duncan Mak and Adam Treat. Jason and Piers committed
	  code for System.Xml.XPath and System.Xml.Xsl.
	* Rafael Teixeira have been syncing up code for the VB compiler, while
	  Chris Breisch added DateAndTime to the VB compiler.
	* Jeff Stedfast fixed threading code in mono/io-layer and made
	  portability fixes as well.
	* Lawrence Pit contributes fixes for the DateTime and Timezone classes
	  and tests.
	* Jonathan Pryor contributes classes for the System.Diagnostics
	  namespace and also System.Configuration.Install.
	* Duncan added more classes for System.Runtime.Serialization.
	* Ajay finished most of System.Xml.Schema and System.Xml.Serialization.
	* Jesus Suarez contributed the SoapFormatter.

	* Bug fixes to the C# compiler.

	  There have been many bug fixes to the compiler, we have
	  rapidly fixed the existing bugs, specially those that were
	  stopping us from self-hosting.  A big thanks to Martin and
	  Paolo for the work here.

	* Commit activity: 1,500 commits to the CVS repository since
	  the last release (Jun 7th).

	* System.Web support

	  Gonzalo has been fixing a lot of the pieces in System.Web to
	  make it work.  We demostrated this week at the O'Reilly
	  conference the ASP.NET support in Mono (codenamed XSP).

	  XSP will be released independently.

	* Reflection updates

	  Paolo has updated reflection substantially to provide all
	  the remaining bits required for self-hosting.  Again, a lot
	  of work. 

	  Executables generated by Mono now work on Windows.

	* Lots of testing improvements by Nick.

	* Windows.Forms stubbing

	  The developers working on stubbing out Windows.Forms have
	  now finished (Dennis Hayes, Jaak Simm, Richard Bauman, Stefan 	 
Warnke Jackson Harper, Paul Osman and Daniel Carrera).

	* Substantial improvements in the gtk# bindings by Mike Kestner, 	 
Rachel Hestilow. Now the bindings include gdk-pixbuf,
	  libgnomeui and gtk-html (from the gnome-2-port branch).
 	  Testing done by Duncan Mak.
	* Paolo and Dietmar worked on System.Runtime.InteropServices. [*]
	* Dick Porter updated the IO-layer code. [*]
	* Rachel checked into a simple sample for wrapping Windows.Forms
	  API With gtk# API.
	* John Barnette committed for for MonoDoc, making use of the
	  System.Xml.Serialization code.
	* Sergey Chaban added thread-safe support to
	* Fixes to the compiler by Andrew Birkett.
	* Tim Coleman contributed the OleDb provider for System.Data and 	 
started work on System.Web.Services.
	* Radek fixed a lot of problems on the PPC side. [*]
	* Miguel and Martin committed the new type lookup system.
	* Dietmar rewrote the marshalling code. [*]
	* Peter Williams and Martin contributed the new Makefiles, with
	  help from Alp Toker as well.
* Contributors to this release:

	* Non-Ximian developers: Nick Drochak, Martin Baulig, Tim
	  Coleman, Mike Kestner, Alp Toker, Jonathan Pryor, Jaime
	  Anguiano, Piers Haken, Rafael Teixeira, Mark Crichton,
	  Sergey Chabon, Ajay Kumar Dwivedi, Andrew Birkett, Dennis
	  Hayes (SWF), Adam Treat, Johannes Roith and Lawrence Pit.

	* Ximian developers: Duncan, Ravi, Dick, Dietmar, Paolo,
	  Gonzalo, Rachel, Radek, Rodrigo, Jeff, Peter Williams and

Special thanks to Duncan for helping me put this release together.


Miguel de Icaza <miguel@ximian.com>