[Mono-list] Build to intermediate file?

Piers Haken piersh@friskit.com
Fri, 26 Jul 2002 12:24:40 -0700

in theory the final IL/metadata is rich enough for this, but inlining
(of code and constants) makes deciding which files are out-of-date a
little tricky.


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> That might be nice. I thought about this some more last night, and
> I realized that mcs has to parse and build every file, every time,
> right? Now I know *nothing* about compilers, so feel free to write
> me off as an ignorant hack, but it seems you could get considerably
> faster builds if you could write out some sort of raw IL, and then
> merge a bunch of raw IL files together. That way, if a .cs file
> hasn't changed, you don't have to parse it.

Yes, that is called incremental compilation, but it makes the compiler
more complex.  Maybe one day I will do it.


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