[Mono-list] Build to intermediate file?

J. Perkins jason@379.com
Thu, 25 Jul 2002 13:25:11 -0400

Paolo Molaro wrote:
> There is no need for an intermediate step with mcs: I would simply use
> mcs in the build step and (if you really have to add a link script)
> use a batch file that does nothing as the link step.

FWIW, the problem is the other way around: building a C# binary
looks more like a link step (combine all of these files into a
binary) then a build step (compile this to something that can
be linked). Which where the problem arises: if nothing needs
to be "built", then nothing needs to be "linked".

Not a big deal anyway, just thought I'd ask. The real problem is
that the tool isn't flexible, but I can work around that.