[Mono-list] Please include ASP.NET - Was "ETA to next packaged build"

William Wise wwise@cellsignal.com
25 Jul 2002 10:41:06 +0000

True, as long as the announcement is made on the go-mono home page, the
release works with the latest runtime release, and good instructions on
how to set everything up is included in the announcement and

Basically, though, the easier you make things for the end-user the more
likely they are to be successful quickly with the technology and be
encouraged to continue their use/experimentation.  Many people have
short attention spans when trying out new technology and once burned are
even less likely to try the technology again later.  

(I know many potential Linux converts who tried it too soon and have
set-in-stone opinions now about it's viability.  I know this doesn't
reflect the general nature of those who inhabit the mono community but
the more press exposure mono gets the more incumbent it is to make the
technology easy to use.  People will start to visit the technology and
if they find it a difficult proposition (compared to a setup.exe install
on windows perhaps and some double-clickable samples) they may pass on
it and, worse, share their negative experiences with their peers.  I've
seen this in the real world especially in regards to desktop Linux and
it's frustrating.  Mono will always be great for me but I'd sure love to
see it succeed wildly in the mainstream and help boost Linux!)

Sorry for the diatribe!  I'll go back to lurking on the list now...  :-)


On Thu, 2002-07-25 at 13:43, Paolo Molaro wrote:
> On 07/25/02 William Wise wrote:
> > Even in an early form I'm inclined to believe that inclusion of the
> > ASP.NET stuff would be of GREAT interest as even your comments re:
> > O'Reilly presentation seem to indicate.  Maybe adding a simple
> > readme_asp.txt file in the root directory with instructions on how
> > use/test the xsp stuff and a disclaimer re: completeness of the
> > implementation would be helpful to address the concerns you
> The XSP package can be released separately from the rest of mono,
there is
> no reason to tie it to the runtime release.
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