[Mono-list] Presentation at O'Reilly.

Miguel de Icaza miguel@ximian.com
25 Jul 2002 01:19:08 -0400

Hello everyone!

    The presentation at O'Reilly was quite successful, and the demos
worked perfectly!  (except for one typo I had on tabcontrol2.aspx which
I could not figure out until later, and the fact that my X server got a
keyboard grab, and I had to reboot).

     As usual, I showed the cool features in the JIT like inlining and
constant folding, which always are nice.  As well as the cost handling
on the JIT engine.  Embedding mono in a simple C program was a cool
     I showed SqlSharpCli first to show ADO.NET and postgress, then
Gtk#, and the GUI version of the same client;   Then Phonic playing with
Vorbis#, very very well followed by various ASP.NET pages.

     And finally: the best of all, Mono embedded in Gnumeric, running a
web server and then an ASP.NET web page that allows people to modify
gnumeric values from ASP.  Very cool!  (Gonzalo posted my patches to the
list separatedly).

     I will post more details, but there was a lot of excitement and
questions after the session.  Various people *really* interested in
running ASP on non-Windows platforms.

Will post more details tomorrow, am really tired today.

     Thanks to everyone for helping make this happen.

     I uploaded the slides in openOffice format here:


     Every red dot in the presentation, means `Go and show it to people'

Once again, thanks to everyone!
Miguel de Icaza <miguel@ximian.com>