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Presidente LinUPS (direccion provisional) kiwnix@yahoo.es
20 Jul 2002 03:00:05 +0200

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El vie, 19-07-2002 a las 01:14, Martin Baulig escribi=C3=B3:
> Hi Eduardo,

Hi Martin

> your test case contains a few syntax errors:
> 1.) You defined SetUp() twice (I guess you wanted to call one of them Shu=
> 2.) In TestCtor2, you tried to pass a class `Encoding' as an argument
>     to the constructor.  MCS will now correctly report a syntax error
>     when you attempt to do this rather than crashing.
>     The correct way to do it is
> 	BinaryReader r =3D new BinaryReader((Stream)null,Encoding.Unicode);
>     This'll pass an instance of this class (ie. an object) to the
>     constructor, not the class itself.
> 3.) I don't know what you wanted to do with
> 	byte[] b =3D new byte[30];
> 	BinaryReader r =3D new BinaryReader(m,(Encoding)b[2]);
>     You cannot convert a single byte into an object.  Changing this to
> 	BinaryReader r =3D new BinaryReader(m,(Encoding)null);
>     like you did a few lines earlier should do it.
> 4.) I think you must link against NUnitCore_mono.dll, not
>     NUnitCore.dll, but not sure.
> Here's your corrected test case:
> ______________________________________________________________________
> Btw. you should update your runtime, class libraries and mcs first - I
> committed some larger changes to it today.
> Martin

Thanks a lot for the feedback and the mcs fix, i'm still working in the
NUnit test, i will send news when i finish it :)

Bye, and thankyou very much

                   Eduardo Garcia Cebollero a.k.a. kiwnix
      Usuario de Debian GNU/Linux Sid (kernel 2.4.18-xfs-preempt-usagi)
                     email: kiwnix en yahoo punto es
           Grupo LinUPS - Presidencia --- http://www.linups.org
                Grupo de usuarios de SL/Linux de la UPSAM

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