[Mono-list] RedHat 7.3 problem remains..

Jim Stanton jstanton@eschergroup.com
Fri, 19 Jul 2002 15:03:04 -0400

I was about to write a really snide e-mail about how people on this list
have a real hard time searching the archives. (Since this problem has been
discussed ad nauseam) Then I went to do it myself to prove how easy it was,
and guess what - you can't!!! (and yes, I know you could download and grep
the text file. But come on, that sucks. And you'd have to do several text
files to do the whole archive.)

So, how about getting searchable archives on lists.ximian.com? If for no
other reason than I can then write snide e-mails to people who don't ;-)

BTW - the answer to this question is:

- Jim

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Great, which one? where did you get it?

Miguel de Icaza wrote:

>>I wonder if you guys figured out a solution or if it remains as a not
>>solved bug?
>yes, the solution is to use a new libgc, that is what I use on Red Hat
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