[Mono-list] .Net App Server

Miguel de Icaza miguel@ximian.com
19 Jul 2002 14:53:39 -0400

Hello Lluis!

   Thanks for the feedback, I like this list in particular:

>   a.. Support for standard component services: transactions, object pooling,
> db connection pooling, just-in-time activation, etc.
>   b.. Support for Message Queuing.
>   c.. Eeeeeasy to manage, with a nice and colorful management console.
>   d.. Support for clustering / load balancing
>   e.. Fast and powerful component deployment system, with support for hot
> deployment, distributed deployment and good component version management.
>   f.. Portable, of course.

My feeling is that implementing the COM+ features using C# and Mono
should not be too hard.  We even looked at some of those in the pre-1.0
Bonobo days, but decided against it, as there were more pressing needs
in Bonobo.

Mono changes the picture a lot: it is now easier to implement servers,
it is easier to write code (compared to the C-based CORBA and 
doubly-wrapped approach we had in Bonobo).  

>From your list:

	a. Is not only very interesting to hack on, but is also
	   likely very fun.

	b. Again, fun to implement.

	c. I will suggest for now `ASP.NET' as the GUI admin tool,
	   and later on a Gtk# based interface.

	d. No comments.  I think this can be easily done, and
	   is more of an integration with the underlying OS features.

	e. Sounds like Mono to me ;-)

	f. Mono ;-)