[Mono-list] Creating a minimal runtime

J. Perkins jason@379.com
Fri, 19 Jul 2002 11:30:41 -0400

First off, as I'm new to the list, let me congratulate everyone
involved with mono. It's really amazing how quickly this project
has matured. I never really paid much attention to .net as all
of my work is cross-platform, now that I've "found" mono, I am
really excited by the possibilities. My pet project is a C++
simulation framework that contains all kinds of ugly hacks in
order to make it extensible and scriptable, all of which would
go away if I could base it a .NET runtime instead.

My first test is to set up a runtime environment; a minimal
install that will support an application based on my framework.
So I built the standard C# "Hello, world", put it on a clean
WinNT box and then tried to fix the errors. I ended up with a
directory with the following files:

   hello.exe          libintl-1.dll    libglib-1.3-12.dll
   monomono.exe       iconv.dll        libgmodule-1.3-12.dll
   libgc.dll          corlib.dll

However, I am getting the error "The assembly corlib.dll was
not found or could not be loaded." Any idea why this is?

Thanks for the help,