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BioChem333 biochem333@nyc.rr.com
19 Jul 2002 10:48:35 -0400


	You can bootstrap mcs using the .NET sdk, which is available from MS,
and from there you can just use mono. Since you're using win98 the .NET
sdk installer (really pre-installer) will complain that it can't
install. This is, however, a lie; like all MS installers that supposedly
don't work on win98, it dumps everything to a temp directory. The
installer will delete the temp directory only after you've clicked ok to
its alert dialog, so you just have to copy the contents of it before
clicking ok. The temp directory should be in C:\Windows\Temp\ but which
directory it is you'll have to figure out for yourself (hint: you can
watch Windows\Temp with explorer before and while running the
pre-installer). With the stuff you copied out of the temp directory
there should be an install executable; run it, let it install, and
ignore any complaints about not having winNT. In typical windows
stupidity it'll probably want to reboot your computer a couple dozen
times and your system will more than likely crash at least once in the
process; you'll just have to live with that, it's a windows "feature".


On Fri, 2002-07-19 at 08:51, Guenther Roith wrote:
> > Hi,
> > 
> > I'm running windows 98 and would love to try out C#
> > I don't have visual studio .NET etc.. so I can't compile the sources.
> > Is there a zip with all the binaries etc. that I can simply install and
> > start coding?
> http://www.superin.formativ.net/mono/mono.htm
> But no support for win98,, yet, sorry.
> Johannes
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