[Mono-list] Mono on Sparc/Linux

Paolo Molaro lupus@ximian.com
Fri, 19 Jul 2002 11:29:37 +0200

On 07/18/02 James Maitland Chapman wrote:
> I am interested in getting mint working on Sparc but I could use a little bit of info!


> Is the current stage the implementation of mono_create_trampoline
> function?  Hence the sparc-codegen.h is reasonably complete?

sparc-codegen.h is basically complete. We may want to add some
convenience macros along the way, but it has all the stuff you need.

> Is mono/arch/x86/* the best reference material for this stuff?

Yes, or, the ppc/ dir, since the ppc call convention is more similar to
the sparc one than the x86 one.
The current issues with the sparc code are. roughly:
1) it needs to handle overflowing the out registers (the additional
arguments need to be put on the stack)
2) it needs to flush the icache where the generated code is stored
3) it needs to implement mono_create_method_pointer to get delegates
4) it needs a couple of updates (mono_method_pointer_get is no longer
needed, for example)

> Could anyone suggest what documentation/areas of the code I should
> look at to get a better undrestanding.

See above. As for documentation, the sparc manuals contain the meaning of
the opcodes and some info on the call convention. You can stare at the
assembly code produced by gcc to understand better what's going on in
some special cases.

If you have more specific questions, just ask them:-)


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