[Mono-list] Help wanted: MCS compiler tests

Laurent de Segur ldesegur@mac.com
Thu, 18 Jul 2002 21:30:06 -0700


Thanks for your reply. I am curious to know what you mean by "support from
those higher up." In short, I am wondering what could stop you from
developing a solution  to do conformance testing in mono (or any sort of
tools for that matter), especially if you enjoy doing such a task. I, for
one, can only see a benefit for having such a tool as probably would do
anyone involved with the project. Thanks for clarifying.


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> Any big production should include some sort of quality control mechanism.
> You asked if I would interested to join a project as a volunteer for the
> sole purpose of this task (testing compatibility). Sure, if I had any
> support from those higher up, I would be glad to volunteer for this
> purpose.
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> Sam Kennedy
> On Thu, 18 Jul 2002, Laurent de Segur wrote:
> > Isn't it one of the benefits of OSS trying to avoid this type of
> > overhead? Would you be interested joining a project as a volunteer for
> > sole purpose of doing this task? As I understand things right now,
> > contributes finding compliance problems as well as adding new feature in
> > code pool. Building an automated test conformance suite would be a nice
> > thing to have though. Basically what JCK is to Java would be really