[Mono-list] "Implement me" Exception

Martin Baulig martin@gnome.org
18 Jul 2002 23:58:53 +0200

Hi Eduardo,

I'm getting a different error message, but it isn't working for me either.

However, I'm currently fixing all the remaining bugs in MCS to get it
compile the test suite.  I'll look at your problem tomorrow.


Eduardo Garcia Cebollero <kiwnix@yahoo.es> writes:

> I'm doing the System.IO.BinaryReader NUnit test, when i try to compile
> it, i get the following error from mcs:
> $ mcs BinaryReaderTest.cs -r /usr/lib/NUnitCore.dll -target:library 
> ** (process:11847): WARNING **: unhandled exception System.Exception:
> "Implement me"
> in <0x0007c> (runtime invoke wrapper) Mono.CSharp.Driver:Main
> (object,intptr,intptr)
> It occours while compiling the atachment, It's my first NUnit test, i
> don't know if it's my fail or not.
> I tryed to isolate the error and it only appear if the TestCtor2()
> method is present, i think the error occour while trying to compile the 
> try{....}catch(...){....} when a null reference is passed by parameter
> to BinaryReader constructor with encoding.
> I wish the information is usefull.
> and I would like to have advice or tips about the test :)
> Thanks for the time and excuseme for my poor english.
> -- 
> Eduardo Garcia Cebollero <kiwnix@yahoo.es>

Martin Baulig