[Mono-list] Debugging one package at a time

Francesco FD. Delfino fdelfino@napoli.consorzio-cini.it
Thu, 18 Jul 2002 23:12:19 +0200

I found a project file in the system.xml directory, but I think there are some problems since there is not an assembly.cs file with a signing key (the compiler complains saying that the namespace has not a "strong name").

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	> I am quite new to mono developing. I was trying to make mono run a c# library that makes simpler to write client server programs that exchange xml streams (it is called jabber.net).
	> My problem is that since both System.dll and System.Xml.dll classes needs some more methods to make all the stuff work.
	> My idea was to provide first the code to System.Xml package and then to the other.
	> Now my question is: is there a well know way to only use System.Xml classes provided by mono, so that it is possible to make them somehow more complete?
	> My idea was to make a VS.NET solution and include as projects both the library and the System.Xml.dll project file: is that the best way (sure at the beginning, when the compiler was not self hosting, you made something similar...)?
	I believe Jason and Krall did check in VS.NET files that you can use to
	compile our System.XML and even to run the System.XML tests (which is
	way cool, and way simple)