[Mono-list] .Net App Server

Brad Wilson dotnetguy@pobox.com
Thu, 18 Jul 2002 10:58:46 -0600

Dave Bettin wrote:

> With this understanding of an "Mono" application
> server....      

> Is the goal to develop asp.net on linux and deploy on
> windows. Or is the goal to fully self host on
> linux/unix? 

Relying on the OS to do #4, and using ASP.net for #6 and #7 would mean that
you should be able to deploy it anywhere that you can deploy Mono, including
on Windows. However, if you want to do a customized version of #4, it might
be a tad bit harder -- not impossible, mind, but a lot of work that may be
best suited to being OS dependent instead of independent (for performance


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