[Mono-list] gtk-swt download and build file

Martin Bravenboer mbravenb@students.cs.uu.nl
Wed, 17 Jul 2002 15:15:23 +0200

Hey all,

Because of the discussion on GUI libraries over here and the minor role 
SWT and JFace are playing in this discussion, I wanted to show how 
independent SWT is of Eclipse. Also I needed a way to download SWT 
without downloading complete Eclipse and ripping the required libraries 
out of it by hand.

Therefore I've created an Ant build file that downloads SWT based on GTK 
from CVS and builds the Java libraries. This build file is the only 
thing you need to install SWT based on GTK and will just download the 
sources of SWT (unfortunately for all windowing systems).

Maybe you want to have a look at this so you can get an impression of 
SWT without having to struggle with Eclipse. I think this code is quite 
portable to .NET which means that we get a fast windowing system 
independent GUI library for free, with a huge collection of windowing 
systems (win32, carbon, gtk, motif).

You can download the build file over here:

The main target is:
ant fresh: download, compile, create libs and Javadocs

Of course Ant, a recent Java version, CVS, Ant and GTK2 are required to 
run the code. Examples are also downloaded, but these are not compiled.

Martin Bravenboer