[Mono-list] asp.net question

Andrew Stopford Astopford@beta.dabs.com
Wed, 17 Jul 2002 08:31:21 +0100

Hi all,

I noticed the following on go-mono

>Gonzalo is now running the sample ASP.NET applications on Linux with the
Mono runtime. It still needs polishing though, and help with the various
ASP.NET controls would be appreciated. The ASP.NET >community seems more
poor than the PHP community, we need to have a few open source controls to
do things dynamic rendering (libart+gdk-pixbuf again can do most of the
work), charts and components >like the kind of thing you see in the PHP
universe: to bring nice GPL code to the masses of Windows developers, lure
them into the world of Linux. 

I would loveto help in this respect and I have a few questions :)  

Will asp.net support in Mono run on Windows ?

Will C# be the target language for components or will the VB.NET runtime
allow developers to use VB ?

What is the aims of this project, to port all the components that ship with
the commerical version of asp.net i.e. buttons, datagrid, datalist, calender
etc ?

I agree the PHP guys have a huge component following and I agree that
asp.net could do the same, I would not however say its poorly done its just
that many people tend to sell what they do :) To this end I think we need
really encourage folks to start developing components with C# and the
asp.net support in Mono, create documentation, samples etc etc and get the
resources up on go-mono.