[Mono-list] ms plans .net updates.

Douglas and Elena Husemann husemann@cox-internet.com
Mon, 15 Jul 2002 21:01:54 -0500


Although given the history of the source of the document.  

Migual mentions that the libraries are lacking somewhat and need improvement
Besides the obvious bugs that inconsistances in teh data acess area.
And the obvious Winforms lack of understructure

In your opion what other areas should they concentrate one.   
On another list we discusse the usefulness of Winforms for the
so called Smart Client. Which winforms fails to accomplish
namely because of its reliance on the underlying windows 
structures to provide most of its abilities.  

Security??  Know it isn't released in the BCL. 

How about class support for more of the W3 structure.
RDF, Xlinks etc.  

and more importantly what areas would benifit Mono the most.;)