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Douglas and Elena Husemann husemann@cox-internet.com
Fri, 12 Jul 2002 16:54:42 -0500

Well this got accedently posted to the cvs list.
Someone else pointed out this error and I just want to foward it to
correct list.

He helped with the last part of the message, but if others want to
chime in go ahead.


> Kaloian.
> I should have made clear that part of the Feel is responsivness of the UI.
> Having programmed using AWT, and somewhat in Swing.
> Most people have said that it doesn't feel like a native app.
> The other issue is Menu layout.  No matter how much work you go
> into the menu layout, one of the groups will complain about it.
> that the Layout is different than what they are use to.
> But on that note, there are complaints that even Win Forms don't have
> the responsiveness that people expect from the platform. (on windows
> that is)
> But back to mono.  Winforms shouldn't be the universal UI if it was ever
> chosen to be.  MS has tied it to closely to parts of the OS that are not
> available (perhaps in WINE, but not in general)
> And each OS has it's own quirks.  How a menu is set up. and other small
> features that make up the entire UI.
> I will tell you one that that intrigues me, and I would probably just program
> with it if it works out.  I need support for dyanmic change UI.
> An example would be thus.  I need to support multiple cultures within the same
> software.  (IOW, it can't be locked down in the compiled code)  I was looking
> mozilla as a front end.  But if GTK# basically can do the same thing.
> Allow the UI to change according a culture by culture basis. but not
> universally,
> on a Data element basis.
> For example.  If I have a database of addresses, you have the common US
> format and data entry tabs etc.  But for the Ukraine where the layout is
> basically
> reversed.  That is the type of thing I am looking at.  The statement that
> and
> GTK+ dynamically support translations by adjusting the size on a per language
> basis also peaked my insterest.
> any comments??
> Douglas
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