[Mono-list] Windows Forms

Thomas Uhl thomas.uhl@web.de
Thu, 11 Jul 2002 01:48:55 +0200

> SWT is independent of Eclipse, although IBM isn't promoting it in this 
> way. You can run and develop Java GUIs with the SWT or JFace library 
> without having Eclipse installed. It requires a native implementation 
> for each platform, but this work has already been done by the Eclipse 
> project for several platforms. Therefore it wouldn't be a lot of work to 
> support SWT in Mono on a lot of platforms.


Q: Can I use SWT for stand-alone apps?
A: Dave Thomson, VP Development, Object Technology International, Inc.says:

    YES! You can use SWT (or any CPL-licensed eclipse component) outside eclipse. We developed SWT because we needed a windowing system that allowed us to build good tools with native look and feel and performance. If others find a use for SWT in other domains, that is great.


The question is, whether IBM (OTI) will support SWT in a upcomming
interface builder. If the interface builder only generates SWING code
SWT might be a riscy way to go.

On the other side SWT might help IBM to develop a Linux desktop strategy.
Obviously IBM is not willing to give any commitment to GTK or Qt, but Java is
the strategic programming language. SWT requires no toolkit commitments. 

Perhaps somebody should ask OTI/IBM :-)

  T. Uhl
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