[Mono-list] System.PlatformID Issues

Piers Haken piersh@friskit.com
Wed, 10 Jul 2002 14:43:53 -0700

Corcompare, the tool behind the class status pages, already does this.

If you look at http://go-mono.org/class-status-corlib.html, and drill
down to System.PlatformID, you'll see the 'Unix' value with a green '+'
meaning that it's an additional member in the mono assembly.

Most things that have green '+'s next to them probably shouldn't be
there - they should either be in a different namespace, or be made
'internal' (PlatformID.Unix, and MonoTODOAttribute are notable
exceptions). I heartily recommend using the class status page to check
compliance before checking in changes. It's easy to do (windows only,

	cd ~/mono/doc/web
	'browse' ~/mono/doc/web/deploy/class-status.html

Here's the relevant node in the corcompare-generated file

<?xml version="1.0"?>
  <assembly name="corlib" missing="15" present="30" extra="2" ok="47"
complete="66" missing_total="3087" present_total="9873"
extra_total="374" ok_total="12885" todo_total="438" warning_total="11"
      <namespace name="System" missing="5" present="128" extra="3"
ok="132" todo="4" complete="93" missing_total="110" present_total="2762"
extra_total="58" ok_total="2849" todo_total="80" warning_total="1"
          <enum name="PlatformID" present="9" extra="1" ok="10"
complete="100" present_total="9" extra_total="1" ok_total="10"
              <field name="Unix" presence="extra" />


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I like the idea of mono.dll, but I think there should be a way to tell
if your application is dependent on mono or can be run on plain .NET.

Question to compiler guys: is it possible to somehow annotate
(attributes ?) mono's additions to Microsoft provided classes (I mean
new enum values, new public methods, etc). Then it would be cool if the
compiler could warn about non-microsoft extensions used in the source

Is it possible to do so ? I think one cannot apply attributes to enum
values but to the type as a whole, so this can be a problem...

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> That sounds like a good idea, and if I might suggest an addition:
> Make sure that the mono.dll is strongly named.  That way, an installer

> can add mono.dll to the GAC for all .net programs to use, rather than 
> maintaining a copy of mono.dll for each program.  Once such an 
> assembly is available, I'd be happy to use it for cross-platform 
> development... I could use Mono's PlatformID code instead of MS's one 
> to be sure of cross platform support.
> --Oren
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> > > How is Mono addressing the issue of extending MS's framework in 
> > > this way, since I've noticed that there are a few other additions.
> Programs
> > > using those additions (to the system/corlib) will all have 
> > > problems
> when
> > > on MS's framework...
> >
> > There was once a discussion about this, I think, and the result was,
> all
> > additions should be put in the "mono namespace". The best way, would

> > perhaps be compile these to a new assembly mono.dll, that could be 
> > distributed with
> > such programs.
> >
> > Johannes
> >
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