[Mono-list] Windows forms

Miguel de Icaza miguel@ximian.com
10 Jul 2002 14:12:17 -0400

> What about doing something like the eclipse project (www.eclipse.org)? 
> They (IBM) didn't like swing so they created their own toolkit called 
> SWT.  From what I understand, they create a native GUI kit on each 
> platform with one API (Win32, unix - by gtk2 or motif, OS X, etc).  So 
> the eclipse editor looks like Windows on Windows, like GTK on linux, etc 
> - but its the same program on each platform - no binary modification.  
> It looks good and it's fast.  Heck if Java was ported to the runtime, 
> couldn't you just use the toolkit? :) .

The Eclipse toolkit is not a general purpose toolkit.  It will require a
lot of work before it is such a thing.  It is a toolkit used to
implement a development environment.