[Mono-list] System.PlatformID Issues

Oren Novotny osn@po.cwru.edu
Wed, 10 Jul 2002 14:11:04 -0400

That sounds like a good idea, and if I might suggest an addition:

Make sure that the mono.dll is strongly named.  That way, an installer
can add mono.dll to the GAC for all .net programs to use, rather than
maintaining a copy of mono.dll for each program.  Once such an assembly
is available, I'd be happy to use it for cross-platform development...
I could use Mono's PlatformID code instead of MS's one to be sure of
cross platform support.


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> > How is Mono addressing the issue of extending MS's framework in this
> > way, since I've noticed that there are a few other additions.
> > using those additions (to the system/corlib) will all have problems
> > on MS's framework...
> There was once a discussion about this, I think, and the result was,
> additions should be put in the "mono namespace". The best way, would
> perhaps
> be compile these to a new assembly mono.dll, that could be distributed
> with
> such programs.
> Johannes
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