[Mono-list] Automating tests and storing results?

Richard Torkar richard.torkar@htu.se
09 Jul 2002 14:38:25 +0200

On Tue, 2002-07-09 at 13:10, Andrew Birkett wrote:
> On 9 Jul 2002, Richard Torkar wrote:
> > Do we need to store results at all?
> I don't think you need to store results.  I find it most useful to have a
> test suite which should run at 100% all the time, and in that case it's
> sufficient for the test system to just say "Test 123 failed".  The
> developer will need to play around with their CVS version anyway to make a
> fix, so they'll be running the test themselves soon enough and will get
> all the info there.

Sounds logical. The only reasons I saw for using a db is historical and
statistical ones. But there is no reason to use the data in the db if
it's considered useless the next time a user checks in a fix for his/her
test failure.

Any more ideas?

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