[Mono-list] Automating tests and storing results?

Richard Torkar richard.torkar@htu.se
09 Jul 2002 10:52:09 +0200

Hi all, especially Nick...

I have been reading up on unit testing some more (IEEE std and misc
papers), regarding automated tests which I think nick (or someone)
talked about a while back on this list.

I'd like to volunter for constructing:

a) a tool that runs in the bg and check out cvs when people submit
changes to the code base

b) runs the test suite that exist at present

c) If test suite fails; 
	then mail (s)he who checked in the failure

d) store the test results being made to a db, to easy follow up tests.

Do you have any input to this Nick, or someone else? 
Any more features that the mono developers need when it comes to
Do we need to store results at all? 
Should the tool be able to do something more?

I can do a lot of work by myself, but since you're the man in this area,
I'd like to work with and report to you. I'll soon head of for a three
week vacation, but after that?


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