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Kaloian Doganov kaloian@bgit.net
09 Jul 2002 00:51:04 +0300

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Here is quite different point of view:

The incompatibility between Windows-based toolkit (Windows.Forms) and
GNU/Linux based one (Gtk#) is a Good Thing!


Because this will force the cross-platform aimed programmers to
architect clean Model-View-Controller (MVC) programs. IMHO, the main
task for Mono here is to provide a way to write cross-language and
cross-platform libraries. If you code your application's core as an
engine, then later you can write different frontends to it -- a
Windows.Forms one and a Gtk# one.

This is the only way to make all Windows, GNOME, Qt, Tk, Motif, etc.
guys happy. And IMHO:

1. Your need to write your application twice to support different
toolkits implies that your app is already a mess.

2. Just using Mono or Microsoft .NET will not be enough to render your
programs cross-platform.

3. Of course, this will not let us use VB.NET's Wizards generated apps
on our wonderful GNU/Linux boxes, but I think I can live with that. ;-)

Best regards,

=CD=E0 =EF=ED, 2002-07-08 =E2 12:27, code =E7=E0=EF=E8=F1=E0:

> The key point is cross-platform. If a toolkit can only run under in
> Linux or Windows, I will not use it. I don't want to write program
> twice.=20

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